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We have been producing and submitting fully serviced product listings for our feed management clients since 2006. We manage several hundred client product feeds, including some of the biggest high street brands, submitting several million product listings a day across many different shopping channels.

Grow Your Product Sales

Our dedicated team of specialists will take care of you every step of the way, from technical support to tailored advice on recommended tactics to achieve best possible results.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs

Feed Manager has many modules available to help our e-commerce clients to understand their markets and be able to respond to their customer needs.

What Is A Product Feed?

A product feed is a list or catalogue of inventory containing descriptive fields on each product allowing it to be indexed by the source it’s being uploaded to. Product data feeds provide a quick and easy method of importing and exporting long lists of products in order to post them to new sites and channels.

Each channel such as Google Shopping or Amazon has its own specific requirements of data fields (e.g. product title, image) to be able to list on their site; these are known as mandatory fields.

Recommended fields, although not mandatory, help the products to be indexed within the listing and therefore the richer the quality of data, the better chance you have of receiving a higher listing and appearing in all relevant searches.

Product Listings Enable You To:

  • Increase your product exposure
  • Drive valuable traffic to your site
  • Generate higher conversion rates

What Is Product Optimization?

Each product in your data feed contains detailed information.

These values are split into two types; mandatory and recommended. The mandatory fields differ depending on which channel you choose to upload to but are typically similar (e.g. Product Title, Product Image, Price, etc), whilst the recommended fields can be almost anything else describing the product (e.g. Colour, Weight, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) etc).

Optimizing products is the process of amending existing fields or adding new ones (mandatory or recommended) in order to improve the visibility within a given channel to attract more clicks to your site.

Why Optimize Products?

  • Certain attributes are mandatory on certain channels (e.g. GTIN on Amazon, Brand, MPN and/or EAN on Google Shopping for electrical products and designated brands)
  • Fuller datasets increase visibility in Shopping results
  • High quality products rank better in results and enable merchants to sell more

Channels Available

We offer advice on which channels would be best suited for your business’ specific market and typically experience the best returns. More channels available here

The principal channels used by our customers are Google Shopping, Amazon, Nextag, Connexity, & Fruugo, but this list is not exhaustive, and there are many others that can suit your products.

Google Shopping

Listing on Google Shopping requires a submission to the Google Merchant Centre (GMC). Google Shopping is now the single largest product listing site on the web providing exposure for e-commerce businesses from all markets.

Listing a quality Google product feed provides a fantastic marketing platform for any e-commerce store to get their products seen, but the requirements needed to get your Google Shopping feed approved are constantly increasing. These requirements are updated frequently, and this is not expected to change.

Google Shopping Free Trial

A 30 day free trial is now available for all new clients giving you the opportunity to test out the power of Feed Manager and see first hand what professional feed management can do for your business. The trial includes setup and upload to Google Shopping (for additional channels see prices or request a full copy of our ratecard). You can also have a free trial on any one other comparison (non Marketplace) website of your choice.

Get the free trial now!


Below are just some of the e-commerce platforms Feed Manager currently supports. We have imported product data from the bulk of the major e-commerce platforms and quite a lot of smaller ones. If yours is not on the list, please contact us to see if we have that one covered.

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