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The UK business marketplace, Applegate offers the largest single source of online companies’ products and services. Each one of these items has an individual page dedicated to it, channelling leads directly to the equivalent product page on the supplier’s website. These web pages carry highly specific product and service information, which indexes extremely well in search engines with the nature of the content and user-journey meaning that a click from one of these pages constitutes a highly qualified referral.

For these individual pages, Feed Manager will prepare your data to meet the exact needs for upload onto Applegate. We will use your product listings to supply Applegate with a daily update of your products, giving you peace of mind that your products being advertised with them offer the latest information – including prices, availability and manufacturer.

Applegate boasts a number of online products to attract buyers to your company’s products and services. With nearly 400,000 registered companies, they also offer video marketing solutions, B2B news services, and job listings.

Account Registration Link Applegate
Names Applegate, The UK Business Marketplace, Applegate Marketplace
Contact Telephone 0845 600 7177
Contact Email
Key Information Over 11 million unique products and service pages

Over 400,000 registered UK companies

Product and corporate video features

Applegate Intelligent Marketing helps you know who is viewing your advertising

Up to date B2B News section with the latest stories

Regularly updated and specialised job listings

Additional Feed Manager Offers 20% Discount for new account managed clients – Code: FEED20

40% Discount for new clients with order placed and managed via myApplegate – Code: FEED40

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