Bing Shopping Feed – Set Up Guide

Bing Shopping is now an active channel in the UK and Australia.  As a Feed Manager client, this is how we will work with you to enable your products to be listed on Bing, and your advertising to start.

Setting up the Bing Merchant Centre

  1. You need to open a Bing advertising account. More Here
  2. Then (under Tools) access the Bing Merchant Centre menu option and set up your store profile:Bing Merchant Centre - Set Up #1
  3. Bing will review your store application (this can take up to 5 days).  We can only progress once that approval is granted.
  4. Verify and claim your website URL (similar to Google Merchant Centre) using Bing Webmaster tools; follow the link from with the Bing advertising account.
  5. When 3 & 4 are complete, you will see your store available to configure with the Shopping feed.
    Bing Merchant Centre - Set Up #2
  6. As ths point you can send us the account number of your Bing advertising account (not the store number) so we can set the feed up into your account.  Please ensure that your payment information is already in place and set to post pay.
  7. We will add that to our agency account and you will be notified when done.
  8. Once our first feed has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Bing before the products go live.  While this is happening you can set up the Bing Shopping campaign.Bing Merchant Centre - Set Up #3
  9. Once Bing approve the products and your campaign, your advertising will start.  This can take between 24-72 hours depending on the number of active products in your inventory.

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