What We Need from Your Product Data Feed

In very simple terms we need a complete listing of the active products on your Webstore

Acceptable file formats are CSV (comma separated value); TXT (text); Google XML and even Excel (.xls) files.

We can be sent the files by email, through FTP to our server, or preferably your web team create a link on your website that contains the file and we come and collect it.

It doesn’t matter what format it is in, or how it gets to us, but below summarises what it needs to have in it as a minimum.  We can take more fields if they exist in your store database but these are the critical ones.

1. Product ID – the number of the product in your system
2. Product title
3. Product description *1
4. Brand or manufacturer (we will use a manufacturer field as Brand unless Brand is a separate field)
5. Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) *2
6. GTIN. This is a single unique value for a product.  You may know this as a Universal Product Code (UPC) or barcode (EAN).  Other values include ISBN for books and MUZE for any musical related products *2   Essential for listing on certain product sites (but not all)
7. Product image link (if products have variants eg size/colour, this would be the image of the child variant if one is available.
8. Product link (For example to the page of the product on the website, set to ‘child variation’ if that is possible*3).   Not required for submissions to Marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Fruugo.
9. Your items’ product categories on your site
10. Stock quantity/stock availability *4
11. Price including VAT (UK and Europe); Sales Taxes (US); other applicable sales taxes (other global territories)
12. Shipping cost by product (if set at product level), but that can be provided separately to us if defined by a set of rules (eg free shipping on products > £50, $5 per product etc.).  Not required for submissions to Marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Fruugo

*1. One field is required, but if both a long and short description is available we would like both fields.

*2 A minimum of brand plus either MPN or UPC/EAN/ISBN/MUZE is required for products to be compliant with Google’s current policies.

Since 2016, certain brands and product categories on Google now require a GTIN as mandatory values for a valid submission.  Feed Manager validates all client products against the latest known mandatory requirements.

Marketplaces (such as Amazon, Ebay, Fruugo) also stipulate that all products must have a GTIN to be eligible to list on their platforms.  We can hold these values in our platform, even where they are not included in your source data, providing you can supply them to us.

*3 A parent/child product relationship is a product which has different options.  Examples are:

Items of clothing, in various sizes and/or colours; items of furniture with different finishes; rings in different sizes; sunglasses in different coloured frames

*4 Depends on how you have populated your inventory field.  It must be clear whether an item is or is not in stock.  Either a stock status or a physical count is acceptable.  If you do not provide that, we will assume that all your items are in stock.

If you maintain your own website, that’s what you need, or forward our page to whoever does this for you.  When the feed exists let us know and we will test it.

Testing Your Source File

Send us your file (or a link to your file) at support@feedmanager.co.uk so that we can test the file and let you know whether we can use your data.

We will respond within 24 hours.

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