Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why use a feeds management company? So that you can get accurate, up to date and fully maintained feeds to product listing and price comparison sites. More
Q.  What kind of results can I expect to see? We submit products to the most popular shopping and comparison sites in the UK and worldwide so if your product is highly searchable then you can expect to see significant traffic to your website.

The returns you get will be highly dependent on the brands and types of products you sell; your pricing and the effectiveness of your website in converting customers

Q.  How quickly can I be set up on Feed Manager? Once we receive a feed we can have it processed and uploaded for you within 24 hours providing you have supplied details of logins to the channels concerned
Q.  I don’t currently have a data feed, how do I get one? This is convered in more depth here

Q.  What are the terms and conditions for obtaining a free trial?

There is no long term or short term obligation with our free trial. We offer our trial for a full month on Google Shopping or select other product listing sites without an up-front long term contractual agreement.  More.
Q.  What do I need to start my Google Shopping trial?

A live Google Merchant Centre account

A live Google Adwords account

A database or catalogue of all your products

Ideally Google Analytics with e-commerce tracking or a similar reporting system


Q. How long does the free trial last? Our free trial lasts one month and is offered on any non Marketplace channel.
Q.  How can I measure Feed Manager’s effectiveness?

You can see full tracking and attribution of sales across all media channels, paid and unpaid apart from Marketplace accounts where there are no click-throughs to your website.

All our feeds contain tracking scripts which are readable in Google Analytics or third party software such as Coremetrics & SalesTrack.

Q.  How does Feed Manager help my data quality? Our platform runs diagnostics over every product to ensure that it compliant with the channel(s) that it is being loaded to.

Products failing the quality checks are not submitted and a report gives you those for you to take action. Further processing then identifies whether products are compliant with the channel mandatory requirements, and any products failing those checks are not submitted.

After submission, we perform daily checks to ensure your feed has been uploaded successfully with no product disapprovals. In addition we also evaluate your feed and make recommendations on how to improve its quality by adding any missing relevant attributes.

All issues that we cannot fix, will be flagged back to you for resolution

Q.  How often does Feed Manager process my feed? To make sure we upload the most up to date information we process our clients feed on a minimum daily basis. You can specify the most appropriate time to do that.
Q.  How do I choose which channels to list on?

The channels you choose to list on will ultimately be dependent on two things; your market sector and which pricing model you which to proceed with (e.g. Pay Per Click, Cost Per Acquisition, etc.).

We will give you advice and insights into potentially the most appropriate channels to select.

Q. Are free websites worth listing on?

The levels of success you achieve through such sites are dependent on the search volumes of your market sector.

Volumes from these sites vary and are not as successful in the UK as in the USA.

Q.  How do I get billed / How can I pay for the Feed Manager service once I am out of the trial period?

We raise invoices monthly payable by cheque, BACS, credit card or Paypal
Q.  How quickly do I gain access to the Product Optimizer?

You are provided with access to our Product Optimizer as soon as your first feed has been processed through our system.
Q.  I’m currently uploading my own feed into Google, why does it keep getting disapproved?

Feeds can be disapproved for many reasons but essentially it is because they do not adhere to the specific requirements set out for the products you sell.

Our system identifies the likely reasons for disapproval and we can advise you accordingly.

If you want our help in resolving the issues we will take the necessary steps to help you submit a quality approved feed once you go on trial with us.

Q.   What impact have Google’s recent changes made to Feed Manager?

Additional quality checks have been put in place to ensure that products are 100% compliant with Google’s mandatory values.

Any further changes that Google makes will be matched by our platform to ensure that clients’ products continue to be listed.

Q.  What are Google Product Warnings?

From time to time you may receive an email labelled Google Product Warnings. These serve as recommendations on how to improve the quality of your feed and the attributes for your products.


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