Why Use A Feed Management Company?

We are often asked by merchants thinking of using Feed Manager why there is an advantage in using a provider of this type of service, so we’ve put together a summary of the key benefits.

In simple terms, management of feeds is a whole lot more than just simply sending a product listing to one or more chosen channels.

These are some of the key elements involved.

Initial Data Analysis

We ensure that your feed only contains accurate and relevant data required by the channel/s you are submitting to.  This includes making sure the integrity of your feed is good overall, by analysing each string of the feed, stripping anything from the feed that is unnecessary or incorrect and adding in mandatory fields through data cleansing and daily maintenance to avoid any future errors and acting upon them immediately.

Data Monitoring

On a regular basis we monitor your data running through our system to ensure compliance and integrity.  Changes occur regularly in merchant and listing sites, and it is important that any changes are acted on quickly.  Checking and correction of merchant’s data ensures that any problems with listings are dealt with quickly and resolved before any major issues develop.

Channel Compliance

Each Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) or Marketplace have their own unique set of requirements. Your feed must be fully compliant with the listing site rules. Where merchants are considering using multiple channels, the set-up process is not only time consuming but can prove very complex depending on the specified format requirements for each channel.  Again, a key aspect of this is how to segregate and control submissions of products to different CSEs or Marketplaces.

Channel and Product Control

Not all the inventory listed by merchants on their websites is suitable for promotion using paid search.  Low value, slow moving, legacy stock are common across all retailers, and spending hard pressed marketing money on stock that doesn’t sell or deliver a good enough return, does not make commercial sense.  So deciding which stock is to be sent to which channel is a big decision, and that selection needs to be applied by channel.  Feed Manger enables that selection process.

Google Shopping & Adwords

Now that Google Shopping is a commercial model, it is vital for merchants to get the best return from products listed.  We assist merchants or their PPC agency in managing Shopping/Adwords intelligently and effectively.   We can help you understand how to give your product listing the best chance of delivering a return on investment.

Segregating your products using Adgroups and applying custom labels are now a key aspect in achieving successful performance. Feed management also helps you control spend in Adwords to ensure you are placing bids wisely and getting the desired results on products that you want to target or removing those that you do not want to promote.

We start with a data feed.  Want to know what that is?  Read more.

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