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September 2013 Ebay Commerce Network New Merchant Centre
September 2013 Feed Manager Offer with Twenga.co.uk
August 2013 Feed Manager Special Offer with Become.co.uk
August 2013 Shopping.com and eBay Commerce Network
May 2012 Top Product Listing Sites in the USA
January 2012 Amazon Product Listings – What’s an ASIN?
October 2011 Amazon Product Listings – Potential Problems
June 2010 New Reviews Available From Nextag
June 2010 Change to Feeds To Shopping.com
September 2009 PriceRunner & Review Centre Partnership
September 2009 New Merchant Interface for Ciao UK
October 2013 Christmas Ecommerce Guide
January 2012 E-Commerce and High Street Sales, What’s Changing?
January 2012 Social Media: An Effective Form of Marketing for E-Commerce?
April 2011 Personalised Online Advertising
February 2011 Social Media – What’s in it for your business?
January 2011 Tablet could be a Magic Pill for Etail
January 2011 A Flash of Etail Brilliance?
December 2010 Ethical decisions key factor in consumer choices
November 2010 Considered e-commerce
November 2010 Making Corporate Shopping Easier
August 2010 E-Tailers could be missing out on Christmas profits due to fear of costs for boosting online sales
July 2010 Xbox Slim On Sale
July 2010 Continued Search Marketing Growth
February 2010 Global Search Continues To Prosper
January 2010 Search Marketing: An Increasingly Popular Method Of Marketing
January 2010 Online Advertising Prospers In The Recesssion
January 2010 Christmas Sales and the VAT rise
December 2009 Boxing Day Sales Start on Christmas Eve
December 2009 Shop Safely This Christmas!
December 2009 Manic Monday?
November 2009 Why Page Load Speeds Are A Critical Part of Advertising
November 2009 Web Advertising in 2010
November 2009 Predicted Sales Patterns This Christmas
November 2009 The Importance Of User Friendly Websites
November 2009 Online Market Retail Growth
October 2009 Search marketing – the most effective method of advertising?
October 2009 Positive 5 Year Prediction For Online Advertising
Feed Management
August 2013 Why Use a Feed Management Company?
August 2013 Feed Manager Newsletter – August
June 2012 Feed Manager Helps Know How to Bet
February 2012 I need help with my product feeds
October 2011 Feed Manager In Running For Top UK Chamber of Commerce Award
September 2010 Record spending online in July, so how are your products shaping up?
August 2010 Marketing agencies missing out on revenue from smart product feeds
November 2009 Show Products From This Advertiser?
October 2009 Use of price comparison engines up
Google Adwords
September 2013 Google Adwords – Enhanced Sitelinks
July 2013 Update to Enhanced Google Adwords Campaigns
January 2012 Product Listing Ads – The Importance of your Google Product Feed
January 2010 Google Wary Of Rogue Advertisers
December 2009 The Ever Changing World Of Google: Part 2
December 2009 Google Product Extensions (Plus Box)
December 2009 The Ever Changing World Of Google
December 2009 Does Plus Box Make A Difference?
September 2009 The New Google AdWords PlusBox
August 2009 Location Targeting in AdWords
July 2009 AdWords Local Extensions
Google Shopping
October 2013 Change to Eligible Products for Google Shopping
September 2013 Google Tightens Rules on GTIN Errors
September 2013 Google Shopping Product Page Crawl Requirements
August 2013 Common Reasons for Google Disapprovals Part 2
August 2013 Why Google Reviews Products
August 2013 Google Shopping Disapproval Issues – Part 1
July 2013 Page Response Speeds and Product Disapprovals
June 2013 Google Shopping Feed Specification Update
June 2013 Google Shopping URL Validation Changes
June 2013 Upcoming Changes to the ‘adwords_publish’ Attribute in Google Shopping
June 2013 Google Shopping Change Reminder
May 2013 Changes in Google Shopping Update
May 2013 Clothing and accessories product listing on Google Shopping
April 2013 Changes in Google Shopping since February 14 2013
January 2013 Feeding products in Google Merchant Center
January 2013 Sell products through Google shopping results
December 2012 Changes to Google Shopping UK in 2013
August 2012 The Potential Impact of Changes to Google Shopping in the UK
August 2012 How to list bicycles on Shopping Comparison Websites
July 2012 Changes to Google Shopping – Part 1 (of many)
May 2012 Common Google Merchant Centre Problems – Part One
April 2012 How to list cosmetics and fragrances products on Google Shopping & other price comparison sites
April 2012 How do I list car spares, parts and accessories on Google Shopping & other price comparison sites?
March 2012 How do I list electrical products on Google Shopping?
February 2012 Google Product Feeds, Product Extensions & how to use them
October 2011 Google Product Search Disapprovals – More
September 2011 Google Shopping Feed Disapproved Products
September 2011 Google Products Deadline Day: What’s Happened Since Sept 22?
September 2011 Google Products – Recent Merchant Centre Warnings
September 2010 Product Reviews – Google To Include Shopzilla
July 2010 Merchant Centre Changes

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