Feed Manager™ Modules

Facebook Showroom

Our Facebook Showroom application allows you to have a fully functional product catalogue in your Faceboook account refreshed on a daily basis.

Your content is populated from your product feed using a category structure that mirrors your website.

The appearance of your Showroom can be customised by you and we will provide you with details of how you can do this.

You can select the priority of products to display on the first page of results, thereby promoting the most interesting and relevant products for your Facebook audience.

See more about our Facebook Showroom.

Product Optimizer

The Product Optimizer allows you and / or their chosen agency to check your products against results from Google Merchant Centre & other Google sources to help improve the quality of their data in order to improve your results on listing sites.

If those results give potential values that can be used in the context of your products then they can be verified and stored in Feed Manager to be used for future product listings.

Clients’ store data is often incomplete and/or insufficient to ensure a good quality listing on sites that they choose with some values being mandatory requirements for certain websites

Commonly missing reference data can include

  • Brand
  • MPN (manufacturer part number)
  • EAN (European Attribute Number – the product barcode)
  • UPC (Universal Product Code)
  • GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number)
  • ASIN (Amazon Stock Identification Number)

The Two Pricing Models

  • Self Serve – Client uses the Product Optimizer to review and verify data
  • Agency Service – Client pays for 3rd party review and verification of data

Price Watch

Built for the business pro-active on pricing, Price Watch allows you to monitor all your nominated major competitors’ price movements and gives you the most up-to-date information.

  • Our Module contains a full reporting system, allowing you to review and drill down into all aspects of your product pricing
  • Ability to export the data into spreadsheet format (e.g. excel) for additional analysis
  • Each product monitored against a competitor is a comparison and our service is charged for in bands (contact us for the rate card for this)

By logging into your Price Watch module you will see your chosen competitors’ latest prices across the products you have selected for comparison. This enables you to make real time accurate business decisions on pricing without the hassle of manually searching.

Stay ahead of the pricing war with our innovative and simply marketing solution

In a fast paced and ever changing e-commerce marketplace have you got the time and tools to stay ahead of your competitors day to day across your product inventory? If your products are no longer competitive how many customers are you potentially losing and how do you know where to look in order to position yourself back ahead of the game? This is where our Dynamic Pricing Module can perhaps become one the most valuable assets to your company.

Our Dynamic Pricing Module allows you to monitor and react to competitor prices around the clock. Whether you wish to oversee pricing on certain key brands, product lines or categories we give you instant online access to current information about your rivals’ pricing activity, and a mechanism to respond quickly to that information.

In a highly competitive market leaving your product pricing to chance against active competition is a luxury many merchants can simply not afford to risk.

So, how does it work? .Our simple to use dashboard interface makes the information you require readily available to assess and adjust. In a simple to view column format you can see your current product prices cost prices, margins, and stock quantities. Difference in prices are displayed in order of magnitude by product and you can then enter your new product prices should you want change any of them. Once your decisions are made simply confirm your changes. This then generates a new incremental feed file for you to upload back into your system. It’s as simple as that.

This tool is for merchants who are serious about comparing prices against valid competitors. You are given complete control to make decisions on all aspects of the Dynamic Pricing Module. From who you wish to compare against on a regular basis, how frequently, which items you wish to alter or leave in their current state , the Dynamic Pricing Module is fully in your hands. The system can be operated manually or rules based depending on your own personal preferences.

To find out more about our Feed Manager service and the Dynamic Pricing Module in particular, please contact us.

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