29 Days And Counting

We have written a few times over the last few months informing and reminding clients of the retirement of regular PLA campaigns and the introduction of Google Shopping Campaigns.

Yesterday, Google sent reminders to merchants which resulted in clients contacting us, unaware of this change and in a bit of a panic as there is only 29 days left to complete this change.

Note that despite what Google’s email says, some Product Listing campaigns will not be automatically converted at the end of August.  Product Listing campaigns using Adwords Labels will not, and neither at this stage will campaigns using certain types of settings.  From a discussion with Google this week, while they are working on this problem, there is no guarantee of a fix being available in time.  So our advice would be not to wait and to build a new Shopping campaign well before deadline day.

If you have an AdWords account with a PLA campaign, have received emails from Google about this change and want to discuss the implications with us, please call.  In addition to our own PPC managed accounts, we are also happy to engage with merchants and their agencies/in house teams as appropriate. Otherwise refer to the list below of past blogs on this topic or click here to read Googles Upgrade Playbook.

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