AdWords Local Extensions

Google Local Business Centre Becomes More Important Than Ever Before for Advertisers with Location-Based Businesses Who May be Using Traditional Yellow Pages Advertising.

Launching in the UK within the next week or so, Google’s new extension to AdWords advertising dynamically transforms your text ads into local ads carrying your relevant addresses.

With multiple addresses, you can have additional highly-relevant ads targeted exactly to your location for a local search audience.

This means your advertising reach will increase to, Google Maps, and Google Earth.

Your ads can show anywhere your campaigns target geographically, depending on the user’s search and location, and displaying your ads with any of your relevant office locations (or without if you choose).

Multiple Google AdWords Ad Locations

To set this up, either enter your addresses into your Local Business Centre account, or put them directly into your AdWords Campaign settings

Setting up Google AdWords Local Extensions

Benefits of Location Extensions include:

* Increased ad relevance by effortlessly adding location information * Scale your Campaigns by letting Google create multiple variations from a single text ad * Save time by letting Google do ad editing automatically * Fine tune extensions to work at Ad or Campaign level

Use Location Extensions for your Campaigns if:

* You want to use the same ad text for all your business locations * You want to direct all your ads to the same landing page * You want to create a lot of ads quickly * You want to see statistics aggregated across your locations

Use Location Extension for your Ads if:

* You want each ad to direct to a specific landing page * You want to associate a single address with a specific message * You always want the business location to appear with your ad * You want separate statistics for each ad and location pair

Overriding Location Extensions Settings

* You can override location extensions when you create a new text ad * Ads will default to showing to a 20 mile radius around your chosen address. This radius is customizable * Override settings to use location-specific messaging and to direct users to specific pages on your site

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