Amazon Payments

We have referred to this payment option in conversations with merchants using (or thinking of using) Amazon Product Adverts.

Amazon Payments allows customers to ‘login and pay with the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon Account’ to use while purchasing products from other merchants websites.
This process makes customers user experiences easier and less stressful by saving time registering multiple accounts on different websites and removing the need to remember or store increasing numbers of usernames and passwords.

Customers don’t leave your website in order to use Amazons Payment information, which keeps your website band experience intact. You simply just take the customer’s name and email address and register them on your website as part of the process.

We have seen indications that use of this payment option as an Amazon Ads client, can improve client’s expected conversion rates by 0.5-1.0% and possibly more, depending on product sector/category.   We recommend that merchants using Product Ads give serious consideration to incorporating this payment mechanism as an additional option to pay within their website.

For more information on how Amazon Payments works click here.

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