Amazon Product Ads Discontinued

Yesterday afternoon (11.08.2015), the closure of this service globally was announced in current Amazon Product Ad accounts.

We reproduce below the content of the announcement on the page published by Amazon as published as a link in client accounts.

All Feed Manager clients with active Amazon Product Ads that are delivering positive return on investment can continue using them until the last date of service, when we disengage Amazon Product Adverts on Feed Manager and the channel will be permanently disabled.

Clients who are not already on Amazon Marketplace and thinking of using this instead of Product Ads, are advised to contact us and discuss options for listing products through us. Once a Marketplace account is opened, this process will be reasonably straightforward in the vast majority of cases

If you have any further questions, contact us, or in relation to any direct Amazon query, these issues should be raised through Seller Support.

Extract from Amazon Information

What are my options given the discontinuation of Product Ads?

If are you not already Selling on Amazon, we encourage you to consider it as a means of maintaining your presence on We also recommend both new and existing sellers explore the other advertising opportunities we offer to sellers, such as Sponsored Products.

How much longer can I run my Product Ads?

Your Product Ads service will remain available through October 30, 2015.
Will I need to do something in my account to stop my Product Ads advertising?

No, you do not need to do anything to your account or Product Ads.

When will I receive my final Product Ads invoice?

Your final PDF summary for October charges should be posted in early November, and the VAT invoice should be available in December. You may continue to access to your Product Ads invoice history through December 31, 2015.

What happens to my Product Ads unused promotion ad credits?

Any promotional Product Ads credits applied to your account will expire on October 31, 2015.

Will the discontinuation of Product Ads affect my other Amazon accounts (e.g. FBA, Sponsored Products)?

No, it will not affect your other Amazon accounts or advertising campaigns.

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