Boxing Day Sales Start on Christmas Eve

Within the previous Gillissa blog post: ‘Predicted Sales Patterns This Christmas’, it was mentioned that websites would begin to offer discounts for various products on Christmas Day itself.

This assumption is now considered incorrect, because, retailers are now launching their Boxing Day sales on Christmas Eve!

This effectively means that consumers using the internet have a 36 hour head start over consumers using the more traditional method of shopping around the high street stores.

Quite surprisingly, it is expected that 4.5 million consumers will shop and spend online on Christmas day, the same number of people that will attend a church service on the same day.

This only goes to show how far online marketing has come in recent times, holding as much prowess on a religious holiday as a religious service.

Numerous stores have indicated that Christmas day is one of the busiest days of the year in terms of traffic.

Though factors such as the current weather and the imminent VAT rise this year have assisted online purchasing, it is undoubtedly becoming a more popular experience year-by-year.

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