Change to Amazon Product Ads Export

As we communicated yesterday, you may be aware we were the first UK company to achieve Amazon’s Product Ads partner certification.

As part of that accreditation process, they carried out an audit on all of our client accounts.  Several accounts are both advertising and selling on Marketplace.

Nothing wrong with that, but it became clear that Amazon have been wrestling with this internally for a while because they do not want advertisers to compete against themselves on the same SKUs.  While technically they can’t stop it, and there is nothing yet in their stated guidelines, they are not all happy when this situation arises.  As a certified partner we were invited to solve the problem at our end.

We agreed with Amazon that where this situation existed within our accounts, we would ensure that any product with a valid Amazon ID would technically be prevented from being available for Product Ads.  That code was deployed last night for the first time in live mode.

So in simple terms if a product is within your Seller Central account, it cannot any longer be used for Product Ads.  If we mark a product as unavailable for Amazon Marketplace for any reason (or has not got the full set of attributes to be listed), then it can still quite happily be used for APA.  Any product added to Marketplace at any point will automatically be removed from the next APA load.

As always if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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