Change to Feeds To

We’ve been advised by that they are changing the number of mandatory fields for products from 3 to 9 with effect from 1st July 2010. These are now all required for a feed:

Image (Minimum size 150 x150 pixel)
MPN or UPC (certain products only)
Merchant SKU
Product Name
Product URL
Product Price

No massive showstoppers for most e-store owners as these are fields which are almost universally contained within an e-store by product. MPN might present a problem if you don’t have the data, although this only affects products in Consumer Electronics and/or Media.

If you are already a Feed Manager customer this need not be a concern; your feed will be updated in line with their new listing instructions.

However, if you are submitting a feed to independently, you’ll need to take action in the next couple of weeks to prevent problems with your listing.

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