Christmas prep… in July?

Yes it is summer.

Yes it’s hot and you’re either planning or about to go on holiday.

Yes the last thing you want to think about it Christmas.

But, as online retailers, now is the time to start planning. We’re not saying to start promoting your goods now, but we are saying to prepare your Christmas strategy as for most merchants, Christmas and January sale shopping is the busiest and most profitable period in the calendar year.

Here are the main points to consider as you start planning:

  • Ensure you will have stock available
  • Which of the many product comparison websites may be suitable for your products and set up new ones as necessary
  • Refer to past sales and bestsellers for possible holiday promotions
  • Ensure your images are high quality and descriptions are clear
  • Improve the quality of all aspects of your products for better display at the key times
  • Ensure your payment method is easy to use and reliable, and consider adding options (payment by Amazon is very worth while considering if you make use of Amazon Product Adverts)
  • Provide correct shipping costs and delivery information that is clear and unambiguous to shoppers

Don’t miss out on opportunities to sell for lack of planning. Start preparing and keep a look out for our Christmas Ecommerce Guide 2014 that shall be released in a few weeks.

In the meantime you can reference last year’s guide here.

As always if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.

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