Christmas Sales and the VAT rise

Within the previous Gillissa blog post ‘Boxing Day Sales Start on Christmas Eve’, it was mentioned that an online sales surge was expected during the festive period as retailers were introducing their sales as early as Christmas Eve.

Unsurprisingly, the sales figures for the festive period eclipsed the sales figures for the same period last year, and also included the busiest shopping day of 2009, Monday the 28th of December.

Fundamentally, the impending increase in VAT can be attributed to the increase in online sales over this period.

Therefore, because this period was successful, the majority of leading brands have decided to postpone the VAT rise on products, in order to maintain the levels of online sales accumulated towards the end of the year.

In addition, the recent difficult weather conditions experienced within this country may have also attributed to the surge in internet retail.

With more difficult weather conditions expected, the decision by some retailers to freeze the VAT price at 15% may result in the continued strength in online sales that is desired.

However, all information points to the fact that internet marketing is an increasingly popular retail option.

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