Clothing and accessories product listing on Google Shopping

Listing clothing products and accessories onto Google Shopping is becoming more complex for merchants in terms of compliance issues now than ever before.

If you are a merchant who lists such items you now have to consider with great accuracy the necessary values that are required in order for your clothing and accessories feed to be read and displayed correctly and/or to avoid overall disapproval for your Shopping listing.

Key attributes for clothing & accessories (such as sunglasses, handbags and jewellery items) are colour, size, age and gender. Google must be able to clearly and correctly distinguish the ‘child’ items from that of the ‘parent’. For example if a listing for a t-shirt is provided within your feed and the t-shirt is available in a series of colours, sizes, styles and for both genders then Google must be able to recognise each variant in order to display the item fully in its many versions. Failure to do so will either result in the product listing only as one item of one kind or most likely being fully rejected from Google as your feed as non compliant
The forthcoming change later this year in Google will mean instead of flagging such issues merely as warnings, these will become critical errors that will result in disapproval of product listings.  If too numerous, these could in turn lead to rejection of a merchant’s overall feed unless unaddressed and resolved quickly.

If you want us to help you ensure that you have a fully compliant Google Shopping feed do not hesitate to get in touch.

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