Customer Web Friendly Experience

I have written about this before, but as “Black Friday” and the festive buying season approaches, it is worth reminding everyone of the need to make the customer experience on your site really simple and intuitive.

Google recently published some guidance and statistics on what people want and how they react. The key points they mentioned were:-

  • Make sure that promotions, deals, and coupons are re-presented at checkout. If shoppers have to hunt for promotions, deals, or coupon codes, they may abandon your mobile site or app to search for them, leaving no clear path back for them to return to their shopping experience
  • Provide multiple checkout and fulfilment options –people want convenience and simplicity. 23% of people abandon retailer sites because they are asked to create a new user account at checkout. Their suggestion is for merchants to allow first-time buyers to purchase straight away.  At the same time provide an option for customers to create an account later –with a clear statement of what benefit this will bring to them – eg to enable them to track progress of their order.
  • Payment and delivery options – offer as many different options as possible –including choice of cards, Paypal, Android pay.
  • Provide alternative delivery options, including buy on line and collect in store if you have a high-street presence. Consider possibilities such as UPS Access Point to deliver goods to a local pick up point.

You can read more here – this links to a previous article I wrote a while ago – but the points made are still valid



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