Cyber Monday/ Mega Monday

eBay Commerce Network have released a communication to notify merchants that Cyber Monday (otherwise known as Mega Monday in the UK) shall take place on Monday December 2nd.    This is typically a major day for online selling in the US, and follows Black Friday, a holiday in the US with corresponding heavy footfall offline, and online shortly after the break.

Cyber Monday has been shaped by retailers and made into a day of online shopping and delivery deals created to entice Christmas shoppers, and is getting more traction in the UK.

At Feed Manager we believe that the day that will receive the most online sales will probably be the following Monday, December 9th as this has been the trend over recent years.

Whether it be either of these days the first two weeks of December will have a major increase in online traffic and search for products. Be sure you are prepared and are competitive to make the most impact on these sales.

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