Cyber Weekend 2016

It’s that time of the year again.

Cyber weekend / Black Friday approaches, which always heralds the start of the busiest period of the year for on-line shopping:- i.e. from now until the middle of December.

If you are one of our PPC or managed Shopping customers, you will already have been contacted to consider the ceilings on your budgets over the next few weeks.

For our other customers selling retail products, do not miss out on the anticipated increase in on-line activity and ensure that your daily budgets reflect this – particularly if you are running Black Friday weekend promotions.

Make the most of this weekend – last year it exceeded expectations and may do so again this year – and you will want your products to be as visible as possible.   Make sure that any promotions and /or promotion codes feature heavily in your marketing of these products to grab potential customer interest.

The corollary to this is where you are in a heavily competitive area and are not offering any specific “Black Friday” deals.  This may be a time to add some negative keywords around sale or deal related search themes, just to keep down the levels of irrelevant searches.

And finally, do ensure that stock levels are maintained and passed across to us accurately.  There’s nothing worse than having one of this year’s most sought after items, having none in stock, and yet still paying for visitors to view a non-existent product.

We wish all our retail customers a very successful selling period.

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