Does Plus Box Make A Difference?

Previous Gillissa blog posts have discussed the recent feature implemented by Google, commonly known as the Plus Box; which can change the manner in which products are advertised within the sponsored links section of a Google search results page.
Typing in a search query on Google can generate an advert with Plus Box capabilities, providing the option of showing images of products from that specific advertiser.
By clicking this option, numerous images from that advertiser will appear that are relative to the search query, giving the customer greater opportunity to assess the products available from the advertiser that attracted the customers’ attention initially through their text advert.
The visual enhancement alone is reason to suggest that adverts containing the plus box option would be more successful in terms of Click-Through-Rate (CTR).
Coupled by the fact that the Plus Box option can dominate more advertising space, the suggestion is rational.
However, Gillissa felt it was necessary to undertake a test, using statistical data, to determine an outcome on the effectiveness of Plus Box advertisements.
Using the reporting tool found within the Adwords Client Centre, I gathered the impression and click data for campaigns from 3 clients, comparing the click through rate of adverts that did, and did not, contain Plus Box capabilities.
The results were conclusive, that Plus Box does make a difference, for the better!
Every piece of analysis created all followed the same trends.
Click through rate, albeit marginally, is greater with Plus Box capabilities than without.
For more information on Google Plus Box, please use the following link:


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