Feed Manager Error Reports Update 1

You may have seen that the errors displayed in our daily reports increased over the last few days, specifically overlong title and description warnings.

These errors are not new to your accounts but these types of error have recently been added into our reports to ensure that clients see all the data quality issues that we can see on importing source data files.

Please be aware these errors do not mean that your products are not being submitted. They will generate a warning within Google for the same reason as we flag them.

However this does not mean they shouldn’t be corrected as Google will not display titles or descriptions fully when they exceed the maximum values allowed.  That means that the important keywords in product titles may not be picked up by Google and these can affect ranking and position for your products.

Titles should be no longer that 70 characters (including spaces) and we would recommend descriptions be kept to 2,000 characters maximum (including spaces) to keep these as relevant as possible.

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