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£100 Worth Of Clicks When You Sign Up To Become.co.uk Through Feed Manager

We have been privileged to get a Feed Manager exclusive deal for our merchants from major comparison shopping engine Become.co.uk applying from this month (August 2013).

As a result any merchant using Feed Manager to submit the product feed to Become is entitled to receive £100 worth of free clicks.

When listed on Become you will be automatically listed on all of Become Europe’s portal partners in the United Kingdom meaning your products can now reach a large volume of users.

Contact us now on 08000 336090 or click here to take advantage of this exclusive offer to Feed Manager customers.

Common Reasons for Google Disapprovals Part 2  – Read post
As we continue to look into reasons behind merchants facing disapproval with their Google Shopping product feed we return back to our previous topic based on website content and bad data
Why Google Reviews Products – Read post
For the benefit of our clients and potential clients we thought we would explain why and when products loaded to Google Shopping undergo review.
Google Shopping Disaprovals Part 1 – Read post
As Google continues to strictly tighten their guidelines for product listings on Shopping an increased number of merchants are being faced with warnings and / or disapprovals against their inventories.
Feed Manager Special Offer with Become.co.uk –  Read post
Receive £100 worth of free clicks from Become.co.uk when you sign up through Feed Manager. When listed on Become you will be automatically listed on all of Become Europes portal partners in the United Kingdom.you.
Shopping.com and eBay Commerce Network –  Read post
eBay have taken feeds from Merchants using Shopping.com and loaded them in the new eBay Commerce Network. If you’re currently using Shopping.com this will have already been implemented for you.
Adflyer is now a non functioning channel. They are unable to process any feed updates or to sell any products. Therefore any merchants who use this channel should take note that this channel is now disabled.
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Gillissa News

This month we’d just like to remind you of some of the key information about the Feed Manager service.

  • Updates of new feeds, queries on accounts, additonal values for products etc… should be sent to support@feedmanager.co.uk with an email header containing your customer name to help speed up the process.
  • Our Product Optimizer is within the Feed Manager Modules area  http://www.feedmanager.co.uk/modules/index.php .  If you don’t know your password/ID combination please do not hesitate to get in touch.
T: 08000 33 60 90   |   E:  mailto:info@feedmanager.co.uk   |   W: www.feedmanager.co.uk

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