New Channel Opportunity – Solute Ad Network

We are pleased to announce a new channel opportunity with Solute Ad Network.

Solute Ad Network states that it is ‘one of Germany‘s most successful price comparison websites’. ‘The Solute Ad Network is made up of websites and technology which have partnered with Solute in order to monetize their content. We are offering placement on multiple premium channels in the following methods:’

•    Direct linking product ads
•    Price comparison
•    Display advertising
•    Integration into shopping technology

Please note that Solute is a global opportunity, not just for merchants wanting to sell in Germany.

Based on our understanding, we recommend Solute to merchants selling particularly electricals, domestic appliances, perfumes or shoes.  We do not recommend the channel for those selling unbranded clothing.

The best part about this channel is you can receive £50 free clicks when signing up. You do need to get in contact with us to find out how to claim this bonus if you are interested.

We are offering Solute Ad Network as a standard channel so the pricing is per our existing rate card.

For more information on Solute click here

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