Fruugo GTIN Requirement

Following on from the announcement of Googles GTIN requirement taking place on the 16th of May we have now had notification of Fruugos requirement.

From April 29th Fruugo will require ALL retailers to supply GTINs (EANs and UPCs) for all branded products.

This will have a massive impact on merchants whose products are diagnosed as being within a brand requiring GTIN, as potentially there could be a dramatic fall in products on your Fruugo feed if they do not have this value.

Please ensure the GTINs you upload are correct as a failure to do this shall also result in disapprovals.

If you are unaware of what a GTIN/EAN number is, then please read our previous blog here that explains what they are and where to find them on your products you are selling.

Take action and input your necessary GTINs before the April 29th to minimalise any difficulties.

If you have any questions on the implications for you and your store, please contact us.

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