Fruugo and Rakuten – No GTIN, No Export.

We have now implemented changes on the Feed Manager system ahead of the April 29th deadline for Fruugos GTIN requirement.

From the beginning of this month any products uploaded without GTINs in your source feed shall not be input to Fruugo AND Rakuten feeds.

Therefore if you are receiving any emails from Fruugo, don’t worry as we are already ahead of the requirement change. However, please make sure you are still finding and supplying correct GTINs for products otherwise you shall see a drop in the amount of products uploaded to your accounts.

If you are still in need of more information as to what GTINs are, how to find them and the upcoming changes please click on the blog links below for further information.

Fruugo GTIN requirement blog

Google GTIN requirement blog

Understanding EAN (Barcodes) Numbering blog.

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