Google’s Recent Non Family Safe Policy Email

Early last week a number of our clients received emails from Google stating that a change is shortly to happen in terms of their current Non Family Safe policies applying to products inside Merchant Center accounts.

If you received this mail and do not think you have any items within your feed that would result in this warning affecting your feed, then don’t worry.

We have spoken to Google and they have informed us the email could have been sent to a few companies but it is a policy that has not taken place yet.

Nor does receipt of the email necessarily mean that you have products which may fall foul of the revised policy (!)

Not very clear in all truth.  We suggest that if you see an email on this topic, let us know.   We have followed up the ones we have seen to ensure that there is no danger to these accounts from having non compliant products (even when this was obviously not the case).

We will keep you informed if we hear anything more on the subject.

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