Google Colour Policy – Change to ‘Multi’

Google have now implemented its stricter policy on colour names in February 2016. “Multi“, “Multi Colour“, “Multi-Colour“ and other similar variants are not a permitted value for a colour, and will now trigger warnings in your Google Merchant Centre account.

We communicated about this change last year. Please click here to read that full article.

If you have a genuine multi-coloured product, our guidance is to use the predominant colour followed by secondary colours separated by / for instance


Note that you cannot use more than 3 colours in a single colour field.

Try if possible to use simple colours rather than the manufacturer’s somewhat elaborate alternative. For instance “Tobacco” is a colour name we’ve seen used in a merchant’s feed, but that can be disapproved in its own right because of its connotations with prohibited content, and we would recommend a Google colour of Brown instead.

Please read our error report which now highlights as “multi” as an error when we import your source data

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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