Google Condition Suspension Warnings

We have now seen the first suspension warning for incorrect condition – in other words a difference between the value submitted on a product submission and that stated on the merchant website.

Your source feed needs to state the correct condition for the products you are selling. They accept only the three following values:

  • ‘new': The product is brand new and has never been used. It’s in its original packaging which has not been opened.
  • ‘refurbished': The product has been restored to working order. This includes, for example, refilled, remanufactured and refurbished printer cartridges.
  • ‘used': If the two previous values don’t apply.

If you do not supply a condition within your source feed our platform automatically defaults to a condition of new, so please supply correct values, especially if you supply second hand or remanufactured goods.

However, in the case of our client this week, the suspension warning was not issued because the values submitted were incorrect, nor because the product page had the correct status described on it.

Very simply, the warning was issued because the product page did not contain (within the page meta/source code) any reference to condition at all.  If Google’s bot does not find a condition property, it assumes the product is “new”.

So in a situation where you have refurbished or used products, it is essential that the site meta data includes a property for condition, that Google can read.  This property is included within the Schema data- More


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