Google GTIN Update

Following our last blog announcing Google’s GTIN requirement on branded products we have an update for clients seeing warnings on “GTIN does not belong to this brand”.

We had a problem arise with a client who has provided what he believed were accurate GTINs to products on Google.

However, these were being flagged as incorrect within the Merchant Centre as not belonging to the brand concerned.

Further research through Google Shopping showed the GTINs listed online include (amongst several GTINs on the same product) the value used by our client.

So, while Google’s error reports warn that the GTIN is not correct, their system still shows the value as valid.  Confused? You will be….(shades of Soap from the 80s).

We have raised this issue with Google as a key concern given the mid May deadline approaching. This is an area that needs tackling and if we hear anything, we’ll advise

However, our advice to merchants is wherever possible to locate the original product packaging and use the GTIN displayed.  Any anomalies that subsequently arise in terms of warnings will be handled by us on a case by case basis.

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