Google Merchant Centre Assortment Report

Google now have a new feature within the Merchant Centre called the Google Assortment Report.  You can find it on the left hand side menu when logged into your account.

It shows you ‘the most popular products on google that you are not advertising.’ Below is an excerpt from Googles blog explaining how the report works and the benefits it can bring to you.


  • Get the right products: As the Assortment Report shows you which products are most popular right now, you’ll have more insight into new brands or products that you could add to your own assortment. Filter the report by Google product category to look at the products that make the most sense for your business.
  • Set the right price: The Assortment Report gives you up to 5 benchmark prices for each product. This information may provide useful context as you decide how you would like to price products that you advertise on Google Shopping.

How it works

The Assortment Report shows you the most popular items on Google Shopping in your target country for the last 14 days. It only includes products that you did not get impressions on in the last 14 days. Brands that are only offered by one merchant are excluded.

To get started, filter the information in the report by choosing a Google product category. You can only select from categories where you’re currently receiving ad impressions. The list of all Google product categories can be found in the Google product taxonomy.

Here’s the information that you’ll find in the report:

  • Rank: The popularity of the item on Google Shopping. In the list of 100 items, 1 is most popular and 100 is least popular in the report.
  • Image: A sample main image provided in the ‘image link’ attribute by merchants on Google Shopping.
  • Brand: The product’s manufacturer.
  • Title: A sample title for the product provided in the ‘title’ attribute by merchants on Google Shopping.
  • Description: A sample description for the product provided in the ‘description’ attribute by merchants on Google Shopping.
  • Category: The Google product category that this item belongs to on Google Shopping.
  • Benchmark Prices: Up to 5 prices for this product in ads that are currently listed on Google Shopping. These values do not include delivery cost.

If you submit products for multiple countries, you’ll be able to select the country from the drop-down menu above the report table.

You can download the results of the report into a CSV file by clicking the  button in the top-right corner of the report table.

Best practices

Depending on the type of business that you run, you might want to use this report in different ways.

  • Retailer selling products in many categories: Consider searching for results based on a high-level Google product category, such as Media’ or ‘Home & Garden’. You’ll get the widest understanding of product popularity because the results will include products from the all sub-categories within the category that you chose.
  • Retailer specialising in a specific category: Consider searching for results based on a narrow Google product category, such as ‘Home & Garden > Plants > Trees’. You’ll get a focused understanding of product popularity in a very specific category.

Please find Google’s blog here.

For more information or any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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