Why Google Reviews Products

For the benefit of our clients and potential clients we thought we would explain why and when products loaded to Google Shopping undergo review.  This isn’t intended to be a full list, but it covers the majority of instances that we have seen.  Our articles on product disapprovals go into more depth on specific reasons why this happens, but before that even kicks in, Google has a rigorous review process.

Typically this will happen in the following scenarios:

Brand new listing

For obvious reasons a brand new merchant’s inventory will be reviewed.  This includes evaluation of the products, their compliance for content and for price, and the credentials of the merchant.  Poor quality products, illegal or non advertisable products, and/or non compliant websites can mean that the listing will not go live.  Where there are significant enough problems, the Merchant Centre can be suspended pending clarification with the merchant, and necessary changes made to products and website.

Google can also initiate a review process when:

  • New product listings campaigns are launched
  • Key product details are changed (for example product titles, descriptions, and attributes)
  • Additional products are added to an existing inventory.

It also can review an account at any time for an assessment of underlying quality,  An error strewn dashboard could trigger such an event.

We will continue to update this blog with other known events.

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