Google Wary Of Rogue Advertisers


As discussed within the previous blog post ‘Shop Safely This Christmas!’ the team at Gillissa outlined our discovery of an illegitimate advertiser using Google Adwords to advertise within the sponsored links section of Google’s webpage.

As a result, we notified Google of our findings and they dealt with the matter accordingly.

However, there are numerous rogue advertisers still operating on Google Adwords.

Recently, Google have outlined their desire to step up efforts to remove rogue advertisers and act more aggressively to prevent any repeat appearances within the Google Adwords system.

New technology enables Google to ‘blacklist’ all rogue advertiser domains, and subsequently ban them from Adwords account-creation level permanently.

Google spokeswoman Deanna Yick stated:

“We want users to have a high quality, relevant and safe experience when getting information from our ads”.

Indeed, removing rogue advertisers will enhance the user experience, as well as making the Adwords playing field more fair and viable for the legitimate advertisers.

Yick added “We constantly review and improve our quality systems and are now doing even more to protect users by being stricter with offending advertisers”.

Though Google claim that rogue advertisers make up a small minority of the Adwords total, it is without question that the Adwords experience as a whole will improve as a result of Google’s increasingly strict strategy implemented.

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