GTIN Error Warnings

This week we have seen a couple of new diagnostic errors pop up within a report.

Google are now tightening up on GTINs (EAN or UPC values) within merchants’ product feeds and recognising when they are not associated with the brand specified or are not usable on a global basis.

Here is a typical example of what you see on your Merchant Centre dashboard

error image

What this means

  1. These are warnings only
  2. For the products flagged in the first warning the merchant has used a valid EAN (barcode) but the ones used by product do not match the brand registered as the owner of those barcodes.  Google in conjunction with GS1 has already established the true owner and holds that match in its database.
  3. The second warning states that while the EANs number are valid algorithmically, they are within certain number ranges which means that they cannot be used as a universal value

For information on restricted or reserved GTINs please reference Googles page here.

Please make sure you are supplying the correct GTINs and not duplicating them. Although currently these are only warnings within the Merchant Centre, they will no doubt result in disapprovals in the future.

Please contact us if you want further information on this

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