Image Resizing Update

As the number of channels active on Feed Manager is growing, with a number of new marketplaces to follow later this month, we are now seeing increasing problems created by clients’ images failing to meet their chosen channels’ minimum image sizes.

While Google’s minimum image sizes for Shopping are fairly small, with a loose definition of “light” as a background colour, other channels require much bigger images on pure white backgrounds

As an example Bing Shopping’s minimum size is 100 pixels (shortest dimension).  Amazon zoom images for clothing are 1,300 pixels (shortest dimension)

As a result, merchant images can pass one channel’s minimum criteria and fail another.

Some of these errors can be fixed within our image resizing tool, and we have successfully deployed our solution to

  1. Resize sub-standard size images where they can be made compliant
  2.  Identify images which are non-compliant because of bad naming conventions which cause page not found errors
  3. Remedy and fix non-compliant images which we then host to ensure that the channel always receive a compliant image, regardless of the client website

Merchants who are expanding into a new channel will be advised on the implications of their choice’s image requirements.  Where issues arise, we will discuss these with you.

For more information on image resizing and hosting options please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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