How to list bicycles on Shopping Comparison Websites

Since the success of Great Britain in this summers London 2012 Olympics sales of sporting goods have reached an all time high. Sales of many forms of popular manual transport such as skateboards, in-line skates and scooters have dramatically increased since the start of the games a fortnight ago. In particular the market for bikes has shown a huge surge in popularity following Bradley Wiggins triumphant quests for gold during the games. For mountains bikes alone the surge in sales is up a full 100%.

With all the new interest generated in cycling now is the time for merchants in the business of bike sales and distribution to capitalise on the trend. So what do you need to have in place? Like many products sold online, elements of categorisation are key in placement of successful advertising and reaching your target audience. For example the list below shows some indication from our research of the most commonly sought after

Different frames (size, weight, material)

Manufacture makes and models

Tyres, wheels and mudguards

Helmets, and safety accessories (water bottles, holdalls, high visibility clothing etc) which has been tightened by talks of proposed change in cycling safety laws and regulations

Colours and designs

Each and every differential bike carries with it a unique set of indicators allowing the customer to select one, or several, combinations when searching for a bike of a particular style. From MPNs (Manufacturer Product Indicators), UPIs (Universal Product Identifiers) to Barcodes these are essential elements of accurate product listings. Individual Manufacture Part Numbers, Barcode and / or Unique Product Identifiers are assigned to each particular bike/ and bike accessory. If these key fundamentals are missing then having your products accurately matched up against your competitors listings would result in incorrect rankings on all comparison sites and, in worse case scenario, could prevent your products from listing up at all. At a time as pivotal to bikes sales this is a risk merchants can’t afford to take and spend time putting into place.

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