How do I list electrical products on Google Shopping?

I need help with my electricals product listing!

  • Commonly listed electrical goods requires knowledge of exactly what a specific product listing page requires.  There are many complexities in listing electricals, primarily around the variations associated with individual products themselves (as well as the relevant attributes for the main product).  Such examples would be differences power, connection type or volume sizes connected with the base product.  Some manufacturers and brands are more helpful than others when it comes to the minutiae of individual variants.

I’m being asked for information I do not have

  • Each electrical product has its own individual Manufacture Part Number, Barcode and / or Unique Product Identifier.  Without having these matching your products accurately against those required to list against your competitors you will either rank incorrectly on any comparison site, or not at all.
  • For instance and Amazon will require EAN, Nextag will index products primarily on EAN.  Google may index and Brand/MPN or Brand/EAN combinations.

How do I know which variants and attributes are required for listing?

  • Exact coding is required in order to distinguish between a number of products sold as one purchase, size, make and model and other differentials, from another. For example it is important to list the different variants relating to one particular product, such as connection type, power, size, weight and colour. Attributes relate to various specifics, like barcodes and part numbers for each and every component. They are essential in both cases for well placed listings. In cases of listing with Amazon this can be very complex and time consuming. If not precise they will likely result in you feed being rejected.

How accurate is my data required to be?

  • Data needs to be completely accurate without exception. Using incorrect or mismatched data will mean appearing in comparisons for the wrong products. In Amazon, etc, you can sell the wrong item and not know you are doing so. Amazon uses its own inventory held against their ASIN numbers and if you match on those (by using a wrong EAN) this is what will happen. It is also crucial to maintain accurate stock availability (particularly for commission based shopping comparison websites where the purchaser does not see your store). By simply marking your items as in stock/out of stock is a basic principle to adhere to.

If as a merchant you are faced with any of the above issues and would like further assistance in listing your products on Google and other shopping comparison websites then contact us – we will be delighted to help.

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