How do I list car spares, parts and accessories on Google Shopping & other price comparison sites?

I need help listing spares, parts and accessories for cars

Unlike many other products listed across Google and other shopping comparison sites car parts are very specific and only relevant to vehicles that are compatible with the products on offer. As a result it is essential you have high quality data in your feed that covers all the variants of not only the products, but the cars they relate to.

What, and how, do people search for car related products?

Unless you are familiar with the exact products for which you are seeking relating to car parts, most people will use general search terms, for example ‘Subaru Impreza Alloy’. What merchants tend to overlook in their feed submissions is that a product comes in many variants. Shapes, sizes, colour and design to name but a few. When using search engines or comparison sites the potential customer will expect those differentials to be displayed on the site on which they land.

What Information do I need to submit an accurate feed?

Individual Manufacture Part Numbers, barcodes and / or Unique Product Identifiers are assigned to each particular car part or / and car accessory. If these key fundamentals are missing then having your products accurately matched up against your competitors listings would result in incorrect rankings on all comparison sites and, in worse case scenario, could prevent your products from listing up at all.

For example Amazon and require an EAN and Nextag will index products solely on an EAN.  Google can index on MPN/Brand and/or EAN/Brand combinations depending on what indexations exist.

How do I know with my listings which variants and attributes to use?

Coding accuracy at a flawless level is required to ensure distinguishing between numbers of products sold as a sole purchase including makes, models, sizes and other diversities, from another. To demonstrate this importance of listing different variants related to a particular products think of tyre sizes, different engine components, and how each car part / accessory maybe designed only for a specific model. Attributes all depend of the specifics, like part numbers and barcodes for all components. To ensure well placed listings these are essentials in both cases. In particular with Amazon this is an extremely time consuming and complex process. Should accuracy not to be to a quality standard the likelihood is rejection of some or all of your listing.

Is my data required to be 100% accurate?

Data accuracy is of paramount importance. There can be no exception with your product feed. Mismatched or inaccurate data could mean comparisons of the wrong products will appear for your listings against your competitors. In Amazon, etc, you could be listing and selling completely the wrong items without even realising. Amazon has an inventory of its own in which products are listed against their ASIN numbers. Should you match on those (by using an incorrect EAN) this is what will result. Maintaining accurate stock level for availability is also of paramount importance (Specifically relating to commission based shopping comparison websites as the customer would not see your physical store). Marking your products as in stock or of stock is a key rule to work by as a basic minimum.

What shopping comparison sites are best to list my car products on?

This will be determined by testing.  Potentially many shopping comparison sites could deliver results in relation to the products being sold.  It is important to note when specialising in a an area like car accessories you need to be aware of exactly what shopping comparison sites will be most relevant to your products on offer.  Checking existing merchants on those sites will serve as a good guide for those that might be suitable

How can ensure my product listing can include all of the above ?

The complexities of making sure you have all the correct information when listing your car spares, parts and related products can be overwhelming. Data feed submission, optimisation, tracking and management is time consuming and demanding. For further assistance please contact us and we would be delighted to assist you further.

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