How to list cosmetics and fragrances products on Google Shopping & other price comparison sites

I need help listing my cosmetics and fragrances ranges on Google and other shopping comparison sites

Cosmetics and fragrances are two of the most sought after types of products available online today. It is important to understand the competitiveness of this area and make sure all elements of your listings are in place to ensure clear, well placed product visibility and make sure they are correctly matched against your competitors in listings rankings.

What, and how, do people search for cosmetics and fragrance related products?

Often people will know exactly what product they are looking for. Having said this the way in which they search for the product may not reflect this thought pattern.  For examples, searching solely for the keywords “Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume” could produce a whole manner of results. When people have generated a return result from the search term they use they will then want to see the many variants of that product.  There is a lot of refinement in cosmetics search for particular products and sizes within a brand range; your products need to be well positioned to take advantage of that.

What Information do I need to submit an accurate feed?

The use of Barcodes, Individual Manufacture Part Numbers and / or Unique Product Identifiers are set to each sole cosmetic and or / fragrance.  Should such underlying fundamentals be absent then accurately matching up against competitor listings would conclude in incorrect rankings across all comparison sites and, in most cases, would prevent your product listings going live at all.

Take Amazon and for instance. Both require an EAN, and Nextag will index products only via an EAN.  Google may index an MPN/Brand or EAN/Brand combination.

With my listings which variants and attributes should I be using?

Preciseness of your coding quality is required to ensure you are distinguishing between the amount of products sold as one sole purchase including sizes, associated products and other aspects, from others of a similar type. As an example of the importance of listing differences in variants related to particular products envision a gift set of perfume and body spray, all unique to its brand and quantity. Attributes are determined by the various specifics, for example barcodes for all cosmetic and fragrance products. In order to obtain correctly placed listings these are essentials in both instances. Particularly when listing on Amazon this process deeply complex and consumes a great deal of valuable time. Should accuracy standards not be of the highest standards rejection of your listing is possible.

How can I be sure about the accuracy of my data?

Ensuring your data feed is completely accurate can never be overlooked as a merchant. Mismatched or inaccurate data will result in comparisons of incorrect products appearing for your listings against your competitors products. In Amazon, etc may well find yourself offering completely the wrong items without being aware until it is too late to rectify. Amazon uses an inventory unique to itself in which products are listed against their ASIN numbers. Should your products be located and matched by these (using an incorrect EAN) this is the inevitable outcome. Equally  as notable, keeping a close eye on your levels of stock and subsequent availability is of consummate importance (particularly relating to shopping comparison websites that are commission based as the customer is never re-directed to your physical store). This should become second nature practice to you as a merchant.

Which shopping comparison sites are best to list cosmetics and fragrances on?

This will be determined by testing.  Potentially many shopping comparison sites could deliver results in relation to the products being sold.  It is important to note when specialising in an area like cosmetics you need to be aware of exactly what shopping comparison sites will be most relevant to your products on offer.  Checking existing merchants on those sites will serve as a good guide for those that might be suitable

How can I rest assured my product listing can determine in all of the above factors?

Whether you are listing your own cosmetics and fragrances for big brand names it is important to distinguish between the uses of MPN’s, UPI’s, Barcodes and ensure accurate optimisation of your product listing. A key rule to keep in mind is selling products as bulk buys as well as individual items. You may well sell products as gifts sets, multi-buys or based most commonly on quantity, size and types of products you are looking to list. Each of these factors must be clearly distinguished in order to display accurate results in listings to your potential customers.

Should you need any clarification or further guidance with any of the above issues we would be happy to speak to you and assist you and your business further

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