Manic Monday?

Monday’s have a tendency to be the busiest day of the week for online retailers.

As outlined in the previous Gillissa blog post ‘Predicted Sales Pattern This Christmas’, Monday the 7th of December was widely expected to be the busiest day in terms of online Christmas shopping.

The 7th of December happened to be the first Monday of the month, after which the majority of consumers have received their monthly wages.

Therefore, they are considered more eager to shop at this time, hence providing the rationale behind this particular date.

In addition, it is widely regarded that as a whole, online Christmas shopping this year would be the most popular yet.

Predicted sales figures were quite staggering – including the expected spend rate of £4000 per second.

 David Smith, director at IMRG, stated “It is the biggest day in terms of sales; – the first Monday in December is the big day as most people have been paid”.

Furthermore, IMRG predictions show that consumers spent £350 million on Monday, almost 10% up on last years figures.

As the 7th of December has obviously past, the team at Gillissa paid close attention to figures for our clients on this date.

We found that, overall; there was a positive surge in conversions yet not in the great manner as was expected.

Keep checking our blog to find out information on overall sales figures for the 7th of December!

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