Mobile Product Listing Adverts

As people are increasingly using mobile devices to search for and buy products, it’s time to consider carefully whether you have your PLA campaigns opted into display on mobiles.

Google reported earlier this month that they are making their mobile PLA ads clearer and easier to use on devices allowing users to swipe across the screen in order to see more results. (Click here to read Google’s Blog.)

However, we wanted to remind merchants that for you to benefit from mobile PLA and general searches on mobile devices, your website needs to be optimised for this.

•    Images and content have to be clear and simple to read. Make sure you have someone to design your site to work well from a smartphone or similar small device

•    The site needs to be safe and convenient for payments. Solutions such as Paypal do let customers purchase from you, even in popular crowded situations.  Credit card purchases on mobile are less likely

Mobile PLA is becoming a popular topic as the Christmas buying season is fast approaching. If your website is already compatible then by all means, opt in and see if they can benefit your sales.  If you don’t have an optimised site for mobile then we would advise cutting bids on your channels for mobile traffic to a fraction of the rate you would pay for desktop/tablet clicks.

However, this is definitely a key topic to think about in the very near future as the increase in smartphone usage is going to climb even further in 2014.

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