Make the most of mobile traffic from Google Shopping in 2015

As we move closer to 2015, now is the time for merchants to seriously consider how their websites offer the best viewing experience to traffic from smartphones and tablets.

In a recent blog they announced that nearly 50% of 25-34 year-olds in the USA use their phone to shop online while standing in line at a store.  The trend of rising traffic from mobile sourced devices continued in 2014, coupled with a significant rise in Google Shopping as whole.  Our analysis shows that this has been the trend across the entire pre Christmas period with the last two weekends being particularly strong

In the USA when you search for a specific product on a smartphone or tablet the searcher can now see more detailed information about the product and where to buy it, such as which stores have it available and product reviews from customers. They will also be able to rotate selected products on Google Shopping in 360 degrees to see them in more detail.

Earlier this year Google’s Shopping feed expanded to allow for dedicated mobile oriented URLs to be submitted along with the standard web-links.  The advent of rotational images is an exciting development, and merchants who plan to use these now need to use the added field to submit these image links to Google.

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While this is only a feature in the USA so far, we would anticipate this to cross the water in 2015, and we’ll announce this when released

As ever, please contact us for help or advice on this topic.

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