More Google Shopping Countries

Google has recently announced that its Shopping platform will soon be available in additional countries – such as Ireland and New Zealand – which of course have the advantage of being English speaking.

Other countries are part of this Beta launch – and as long as you can provide a feed in the appropriate language and currency, Feed Manager can process it for you.

The full post from Google is available here.

We will assist merchants wishing to expand their product marketing into these available new territories. As with all of these expansion opportunities, merchants should not just consider the technical requirements for the product submission, but also the impact on customer service, shipping/logistics, and potential returns from the new territories.   There may also be implications for the display and charging of local sales taxes which should not be overlooked as part of the preparation.

Clients already targeting the Republic of Ireland may find this one of the easiest and more straightforward of the new countries, and are welcome to let us know of any plans to take advantage of this.


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