Use of Negative Keywords

Google has communicated out to merchants this week, revealing a new guide for keywords (‘Keywords to the Wise’) to ensure they’re being used to the best of their ability.

The guide helps merchants to understand the difference between positive and negative keywords, and to let you know if you’re missing out on opportunities for expansion, etc…

It also covers making sure you have the right strategies in place to cultivate all of the potential demand.

One of the key elements of Shopping or Product Listing campaigns is the use of negative keywords (as positive keywords do not apply in this context).  We advise merchants to use any intelligence on non converting keywords gleaned from analysis tools such as Google Analytics or similar tracking software to refine and maintain negative keyword lists.  Merchants who do this can see vast Improvements to their return on investment from these types of campaigns.

Click here to visit Googles page and download the ‘Keywords to the Wise’ guide.

Contact us for any advice you need on how this can apply to your own Shopping or Product Listing Campaigns.

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