Non-Compliant Product Descriptions

It is important to ensure as many of your products can be displayed to best effect, without issues arising from invalid and non-compliant content within your product data.

E-commerce merchants should be aware that product descriptions should simply describe the product being offered and must not contain any other information – such as links to images, alternative website or explicit calls to action such as “ring us now on xxx”. These will be disapproved by most marketplaces and listing sites such as Google Shopping.

Many customers have content like this on their websites, which is fine, but the data sent to us for processing should be a simple, clean version which removes elements that will be problematic.

As invalid/bad editorial content within a product description (or even in a product title) can trigger automatic disapproval on some listing sites, we advise making sure that that your export product data avoids inclusion of trigger phrases.  Alternatively consider the option of a plain description whicb contains excellent content supporting the product but without over marketing messages.

As always, please contact us if you need any help or support

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