Page Response Speeds and Product Disapprovals

In the ever changing landscape with Google Shopping disapproved products are becoming a more common concern for merchants.

We have noticed recently that the incidences of product disapprovals because of image problems has started to climb, even when the links submitted are perfectly correct.   We believe that this is an indication that the robotic trawl of products is getting even more sensitive to page load speeds, and slower responses are now being penalised even more heavily as a result.

Below is a summary of key points that we think you should be aware of in order to prevent this from becoming an issue with your listings.

Too Many Related Products

If your product landing pages have a slow response time delivering an immediate result back to Google Shopping listings this may be a reason.  Lots of images being loaded onto one page will definitely reduce the load time of a product page

Picture Sizes

Try to keep your images well below the 4mb maximum allowed by Google.  Picture display and rendering issues for images are the most common reasons to result in disapproval of products.


Any form of plug in associated with landing pages cause delays to the responsive time for your product landing pages. For example links to social media sites and any other activity that involves the relaying or exchange of content will increase the risk of slow page response times.


When your page has scripts running it is common that your page will work at a slower speed and long complex codes should be avoided on product pages when listing on Google Shopping.

Robot Blockers

Often merchants do not realise that general commands to stop spam crawls over their website, can inadvertently stop Google’s bots as well.  Any disapprovals for this reason will be shown up as a data quality issue within the Merchant Centre. More information

Editorial Compliance

All images must also be clear of any advertising, promotional content and watermarks. Your image should depict only the product you are trying to sell and nothing else.

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