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One of the less well understood errors within Google Shopping is a product disapproval caused by an “access problem”

Where an error is caused by either a bad or broken link or by Google’s bot being unable to get to the link concerned because of a robot blocker, this is reasonably obvious and can be fixed relatively straightforwardly

However, sometimes the link works perfectly well and there seems no reason why Google has disapproved the item concerned

So what’s left?

One of the key elements of Google’s product analysis is page response times. Too slow a response to Google’s bot, and it will report back that the link is not there. Do remember that the test simulates access from both desktop and mobile devices.

So when this arises, we suggest plugging a “disapproved” link into this tool supplied by Google.

It will analyse your page, tell you the speed of the page concerned from both desktop and mobile and tell you how to resolve any issues arising. It helps my business understand why merchants have disapprovals like this.

As a source of knowledge for merchants to have a more informed conversion with their web support, it’s a very useful link to save for future reference.

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