PriceGrabber acquired by Connexity

Clients are advised that Connexity have now announced that they have acquired the PriceGrabber network as well as Become and Shopzilla

Clients on any of these channels should be aware that by October 30th, all accounts will be running exclusively on the Connexity Network, and that transition will start on Sept 21.

This will require clients to migrate any existing account to the new Connexity equivalent, and we will only process one data feed to the new account.

Below please find relevant extracts from their explanation of the new set-up. We will seek clarification from all clients on any of the three networks on their future plans. For clients with active Price Grabber accounts, read the following and then give us a call with any questions arising.

Changes Announced by Connexity

The Account Management teams have merged: Connexity will provide you one point of contact. Because of this, you may have a new Account Manager. Changes will be communicated through your Account Management team during the transition and you are recommended to contact your current Account Manager with any questions.

Pricing: All click prices will be billed according to their Smart Pricing system, whereby CPC rates are determined according to the quality of traffic. The Connexity rate card shows the maximum billable rates for merchants bidding at minimum CPC rates. To view the Connexity EU rate card click here.

Next steps if you already participate in Connexity’s Marketplace

What will I need to do?

  • Consolidate all products into one data feed. Please consult with us at Feed Manager once Connexity have been in touch with you
  • Enter bids for all products. Please ensure that all your offers are active by making sure you have bids placed on all your products to maximize visibility.
  • Remove PriceGrabber ROI Tracker and Install Connexity ROI Tracker. If you have both tracker codes installed on your website please remove the PriceGrabber code so your performance is tracked correctly. To do so, log into, click on the “Managed Listings” tab, and then click the button for “Performance Tracker”. For more information on the Connexity ROI tracker click here.
  • For Prepayment accounts only – balances on prepaid on the PriceGrabber platform will be automatically refunded. To ensure continuity of your campaign, you will need to add funds to your Connexity account. For more information on how to fund your account click here.
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