I need help with my product feeds

Whether new to e-commerce marketing or looking to improve upon your data feed, this is a situation that a great number of online stores find themselves in.   These are a list of the common problems that we have encountered over the years.

I can’t or do not know how to generate a product feed

  • Some platforms have inbuilt export modules.  They tend to do a basic job, but that’s about it.  Anything requiring outputs to more than one channel will probably not be covered, and even the single Google feeds provided by the these platforms often cannot cope with product variations (sizes and colours) or ensure compliance with all the elements that are required

I can generate a product feed but is incomplete

  • Parent and child variants are a problem.  For example, sizing and colours with clothing, and model variants within types of certain electrical products, create common problems when listing your products. Many source platforms will not distinguish between a ‘parent’ item and  its ’children’ with that of multiple duplications without precision accuracy when comprising your product feed.

I’m being asked for information I do not have

  • Many product listing sites require specific brands, barcodes and other unique values in order to list with them. It is vital to ensure that you have the correct attributes and map these out to ensure no data is missing preventing your products from having clear listing visibility. 

I can’t get my feed to work even when created

  • A failed upload of your feed can be the result of any number of different errors. It can be very time consuming trying to pinpoint where the issue is, rectify it and attempt to re-submit your feed.

When my feed is posted it is generating errors

  • When faced with postings errors, invalid values or / and incorrect formats of information do you have the time to re-assess you entire feed? With the vast landscape of product listing websites ever changing it can be daunting to evaluate cause of error and adjusting it in accordance with specific rules set out by your chosen marketplace.

Even when I have generated a complete and correct feed I can’t keep track of it

  • With products in place you want to be able to keep track of where your products are listing, how they are ranking both against your competitors and position wise on your chosen comparison site and the quality of your data. Do you have the specific knowledge, necessary tools and time to do this?

Having got to this stage I still can not figure out automation. The process is still too manual

  • To streamline, optimise and analyse your shopping channel campaigns can take you significant time.  While the long term gains are obvious, losing sales in the short term would suggest consulting with organisations like us with a platform which can handle all of this.

So in short the end to end process for product listings has a complex nature and is highly demanding.   I have endeavoured to cover the main root causes of problems but this list is not exhaustive, so please get in touch if you want to know more on how we can assist you.

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